Why Apple’s iMessage’s small size may have helped it dodge regulations in Europe

The European Union (EU) has been keeping a close eye on big tech companies like Apple to ensure fair competition in the market. Recently, there were concerns about Apple’s iMessage service being a monopoly, but it seems like the EU is leaning towards letting it off the hook.

After a five-month investigation, EU watchdogs have reportedly found that iMessage is not as popular in Europe as it is in the United States, especially among business users. This has led them to believe that iMessage does not qualify as an “important gateway” and therefore does not require regulation for anti-competitiveness.

However, this information is not official yet and comes from unnamed sources close to the matter. The final decision will be made in February 2024, so there is still time for things to change. Despite this, Apple may have to make some changes to its services due to other regulations. For example, the Digital Markets Act may force Apple to open up iOS for rival app stores, a move that could happen as soon as next year.

These investigations and regulations in the EU could potentially have global effects on big tech companies. For example, a previous regulation has already led Apple to switch to USB-C charging ports instead of its traditional Lightning port. It’s clear that tech giants like Apple will need to adapt to the changing regulatory landscape in the EU and beyond.

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