Apple Fights Back: Why Europe’s iMessage Inclusion in DMA Could Change Everything

Apple Appeals Against Inclusion of iMessage in EU’s Digital Markets Act

Tech giant Apple is gearing up to appeal to the European Union over the inclusion of its App Store and iMessage in the Digital Markets Act (DMA). The EU has labeled these services as gatekeeper monopoly services, which would require Apple to make significant changes to its operations.

The dispute centered around the argument that iMessage is not as prevalent in Europe to be considered a gatekeeper service. Apple is also seeking clarity on which parts of the App Store will fall under the regulations.

The official appeal has not been filed yet, but Apple has until Thursday, November 16 to do so. Despite the appeal, Apple is still required to comply with the DMA by the deadline of March 2024.

Even with the appeal, it seems that Apple will have to adhere to the new rules. The company is already working on a way to allow side-loading on iPhones, and potential changes to iMessage to make it compatible with smaller chat apps may also be on the horizon.

The outcome of Apple’s appeal remains to be seen, but it is clear that the tech giant will not be able to completely avoid the impact of the DMA. As the deadline for compliance approaches, it is likely that more details will emerge about Apple’s arguments for the appeal and possible changes to its services.

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