Life-saving Apple Watch detects heart issues, saving two men in need of surgery

Two Men Saved by Apple Watch Share Their Stories

Two men are crediting their Apple Watches with saving their lives. In Wichita, Kansas, Nick Gallegos purchased an Apple Watch as a gift for his father, Michael. One night, Nick received a notification that his father was experiencing an unusual heart rhythm. He rushed his dad to the ER, where doctors diagnosed him with a heart condition that required surgery for a pacemaker. The doctors told Michael that he would have died soon if he had not received the pacemaker. Michael feels like a new man and is grateful for the timely gift from his son.

After the incident, Nick reached out to Apple CEO Tim Cook via email, and to their surprise, Cook responded in under two hours. He expressed his gratitude for Nick’s actions and shared his best wishes for Michael.

In a similar story from Asheville, North Carolina, 61-year-old Christopher Oakley was rushed to the ER after feeling chest discomfort, nausea, and shortness of breath. Despite doctors finding nothing unusual during an examination, Christopher remembered that his Apple Watch recorded his heart rate. The data from the watch led to lifesaving emergency double bypass surgery a few days later.

Christopher also reached out to Tim Cook to express his gratitude for the life-saving capabilities of the Apple Watch, and he also received a response from the Apple CEO, who wished him well.

These two stories highlight the life-saving potential of the Apple Watch and the impact it can have on its users. They also showcase the caring and compassionate response of Tim Cook, who took the time to acknowledge the grateful messages sent to him.

The incidents also raise awareness about the importance of wearable technology and its potential to detect life-threatening health issues. It goes to show that sometimes, a simple device can make a big difference in saving lives.