Get ready for the groundbreaking new Realme smartphone with periscope camera unveiled!

Realme unveiled a new flagship phone called the GT5 Pro, which features a periscope telephoto camera. This is the first phone from Realme to have a periscope unit since the X3 SuperZoom was launched in May 2020. Although the GT5 Pro is currently only available in China, Realme has hinted at a new smartphone with a periscope camera that will be released in international markets.

The Indian branch of Realme posted an image of a periscope camera with the text “No Periscope. No Flagship.” The company did not reveal the name of the smartphone but it is rumored to be the Realme 12 Pro+. Realme also shared a tweet with the hashtag #NoPeriscopeNoFlagship, indicating that the new smartphone will be a flagship device.

Fans and tech enthusiasts can expect to learn more about this upcoming smartphone as Realme gets closer to unveiling it. The addition of a periscope camera to the new phone suggests that Realme is continuing to innovate and expand its offerings in the competitive smartphone market. Stay tuned for more updates on this exciting new release from Realme.