Get a Sneak Peek: Amazon Unveils iOS-Only Smart Home Mapping in Alexa App Redesign

Amazon Alexa app got a big update today for iPhone users. Amazon refurbished the app with a fresh design, a new Shortcuts bar, and a room mapping feature.

The new Shortcuts bar organizes devices by category such as shopping lists, alarms, and routines. Popular Alexa features are conveniently located at the top of the home page, letting users customize what they see. Apple users can now preview a new room mapping feature. It sounds like it uses the LiDAR scanner on iPhones and iPads.

With Map View, you can scan and create a digital version of your home’s floor plan and then pin your connected devices to it. This lets you visualize your home at-a-glance, and quickly access and control smart home devices, without needing to scroll through any device lists, remember device names, or open multiple apps. The feature is available as a preview to select customers in the U.S.

Another big issue that the company tackled is the activity cards for timers and other time-sensitive information with a new stacked design, added Ring Protect camera snapshots to Favorites. The transformation has made Alexa chat more accessible from a single location in the app.

The update is for iOS and it is available in the App Store today. Amazon says the room mapping is available as a preview to select customers in the U.S.

Overall, the update is good for iPhone users who want to control their smart home devices better and have a more visualized home experience. This update made the Alexa app more user-friendly.

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