Discover how Pixie Dust is giving the Pixel 9 a competitive advantage among smartphones

Google’s New Pixie AI Assistant to Debut on Pixel 9

Tech giant Google is gearing up to introduce a new AI-powered smart assistant called Pixie, which is expected to make its first appearance on the upcoming Pixel 9 smartphone. The assistant will be powered by Google’s AI model, Gemini Nano, which is already running on the Pixel 8 Pro.

According to reports from The Information and 9to5Google, Google aims to incorporate the AI model into more of its products, with plans for Pixie to be exclusive to Pixel devices. Setting itself apart from the existing Google Assistant, Pixie will utilize data from various Google products to provide more personalized assistance, similar to Google’s recent personalized smart assistant, Bard.

In addition to the Pixie AI assistant, Google also plans to bring AI features to its lower-end smartphones, smartwatches, and potentially to a new pair of AI-enabled glasses. These glasses could utilize AI to identify objects, provide guidance on problem-solving, and offer assistance with various tasks. While details about the functionality of these glasses are still unclear, it is evident that Google is placing a significant focus on integrating AI across a wide range of its devices.

The developments in AI by Google suggest a shift towards more personalized and integrated technology, with the aim of enhancing user experiences and providing tailored assistance across a variety of devices. As the tech industry continues to evolve, the introduction of Pixie and the expansion of AI features signal an innovative step forward for Google and its ecosystem of products.

With the anticipated release of the Pixel 9 and the introduction of Pixie, Google is poised to make a significant impact on the future of AI-powered smart assistants and the integration of AI across a diverse array of devices.