Unwrap the latest holiday updates for Android, Wear OS, and Google TV devices from Google

Google just announced some exciting updates for Android, Wear OS, and Google TV. These updates are designed to make your smart home devices more personal and secure.

One of the biggest updates is the ability to control your smart appliances, such as vacuums and mops, directly from your Wear OS watch. This means that you can now set the mood for dinner or focus time with just a few taps on your wrist. Additionally, your smart home devices can now track your location, allowing you to easily arm your security system and adjust the lights based on your presence.

Wear OS users will also be able to launch Assistant Routines with a voice command, bringing even more convenience to their smart home setup. Google is also adding over 10 new free TV channels to Google TV, giving users access to even more content.

On the security front, FIDO2 security keys now have the ability to set a custom PIN, adding an extra layer of protection for your online accounts. This means that even if your physical key is stolen, your information stays secure.

For people with disabilities or low vision, Google has added a new feature to TalkBack, allowing users to hear AI image descriptions. This will provide a more inclusive experience for those who may have difficulty seeing images.

Google Messages has also received some fun new features, including the ability to add moving emoji themes to voice messages and send reaction effects that unleash full-screen animated emojis for everyone to see.

Overall, these updates from Google are aimed at making your smart home setup more personal, secure, and enjoyable. With the ability to control appliances from your wrist, access new TV channels, and enhance security features, Google is continuing to improve the smart home experience for users.

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