Experience the Ultimate Upgrade: 10th-gen Honda Civic Head Unit with Wireless CarPlay for Seamless Connectivity and Convenience

Introducing JOYING, The Affordable Aftermarket Head Unit That Upgrades Car Performance

A car owner was in for a pleasant surprise when he discovered that his car now had 4GB of RAM after having to upgrade the stock head unit of his 2017 Honda Civic EX. The solution came in the form of the JOYING aftermarket head unit which boasts a 9-inch display, wireless CarPlay, a physical volume knob, and a design made specifically for 10th-gen Honda Civics, all at a price below $500.

This upgrade from the standard head unit made a significant difference in the car, bringing four key improvements. First is the wireless CarPlay, which offers not only a more convenient way of connecting but also better battery life for the connected devices. The physical volume knob was a sweet relief compared to the original head unit’s touch buttons for volume control. The 9-inch screen also provided a better display, making CarPlay more legible and giving the unit a more sophisticated look. Lastly, the upgrade also enhanced the car’s stereo system, giving it a renewed power even without the need to replace the speakers.

Despite the overall positive review of the JOYING head unit, there were a few drawbacks mentioned, one of which was the lack of compatibility with prescription sunglasses. However, these minor drawbacks were overshadowed by the smooth installation process and the fact that the unit works well with the car’s existing USB ports.

The car owner also mentioned that the JOYING head unit offers more options for those who care about the non-CarPlay experience, such as a pricier option with 8GB RAM and 128GB storage, as well as the ability to add a SIM card with 4G internet access, install most Android apps, and use wireless or wired Android Auto.

Overall, the owner was impressed by the JOYING head unit, expressing surprise at how good the upgrade experience went. The unit, which is already on sale for $321.30 today, normally retails for $459, making it a very affordable and practical upgrade option for car owners.

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