10-Year-Old’s Brave Stand: Teddy’s Petition Sparks Demand for Apple to Remove Offensive Emoji

10-Year-Old Teddy Takes on Apple to Redesign “Nerd Face” Emoji

Teddy, a 10-year-old Apple fan from the U.K., is not happy with one of the emojis on his iPhone. He started a petition for Apple to change the “nerd face” emoji because he thinks it’s offensive to people who wear glasses, just like him.

Speaking to the BBC, Teddy explained that the emoji made him feel sad and upset, and he believes that there are thousands of people around the world who feel the same way. He even came up with his own design called the “genius emoji,” which has thin lenses, thin frames, and a smiley face instead of “rabbit teeth.”

Teddy’s teacher, Lisa, was the one who encouraged him to start the petition and she thinks that his initiative should be supported and commended. The petition is currently being circulated in Teddy’s school and town, but he plans to launch it online and email it to Apple.

As of now, Apple has not responded to Teddy’s petition, but he remains optimistic. He says that if Apple redesigns the “nerd face” emoji based on his advice, he will feel amazing and so excited. Teddy first noticed the offensive emoji while texting his cousin.

For now, Apple might only know about Teddy’s petition through news coverage, but if his petition gains enough support, the tech giant may have to reconsider the design of the “nerd face” emoji. It seems like this young Apple fan’s voice is being heard, and who knows, he might just change the face of emojis for glasses wearers around the world.

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