Unlocking the Future: iPhone 16 Pro’s Potential to Record 4K Spatial Video

Apple to Introduce New iPhone 16 with Enhanced Video Recording Capabilities

Apple’s latest announcement for the iOS 17.2 update will give iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max users the ability to capture 3D spatial videos. These videos will be playable on the upcoming Apple Vision Pro headset. However, the current iPhone 15 Pro will only support spatial videos at 1080p resolution and 30 frames per second. There are speculations that the iPhone 16 might offer 4K spatial video quality. The spatial video recording on the iPhone 15 Pro is limited by the layout of the rear triple-camera lens module, which requires the phone to be orientated horizontally to capture 3D videos.

A significant limitation is due to the difference in resolution between the main camera, which is 48-megapixels, and the ultra-wide camera, which is only 12-megapixels. To achieve 4K spatial video quality, the ultra-wide camera on the iPhone 16 is rumored to have a 48-megapixel sensor. If the iPhone 16’s software can internally record dual 8K streams and use the full 48-megapixel sensors of both the main and ultra-wide lenses, it could potentially produce 4K quality spatial videos.

Reportedly, the base model iPhone 16 and iPhone 16 Plus will feature a new rear camera layout with both cameras placed in a straight line. This indicates that spatial video support will be expanded across all iPhone 16 models, with the higher-end models possibly offering 4K spatial video quality. With these anticipated enhancements, users can expect improved video recording capabilities on the forthcoming iPhone 16. Apple users are eagerly awaiting the release date of the iPhone 16 to experience the new and improved spatial video features.