Exciting Updates: T-Mobile Enhances Netflix on Us Freebie for Customers

T-Mobile to Change Netflix on Us Freebie for Some Plans

T-Mobile has recently announced changes to its Netflix on Us freebie, which will affect some of its customers. The changes are set to take effect on January 24 and will impact those who currently receive Netflix Basic for free.

According to internal documents obtained by The Mobile Report, T-Mobile will be switching Netflix Basic with Netflix Standard with Ads for customers who currently receive the former. This means that customers who hate seeing ads will now have to deal with them as they watch their favorite shows and movies on Netflix.

However, there is a silver lining to this change. While customers will have to endure ads, they will now be able to watch content in 1080p resolution, an upgrade from the previous 720p. Additionally, those who currently receive Netflix Standard On Us will continue to get the same freebie.

The changes are scheduled to affect customers on Magenta and Go5G plans who are currently receiving Netflix Basic for free. Those affected by the changes can expect to be notified via SMS or email in the coming weeks.

This shift in the Netflix on Us freebie comes after T-Mobile has made several changes to its plans in favor of its customers. However, the decision to switch from Netflix Basic to Netflix Standard with Ads may not sit well with some subscribers who value an ad-free experience.

It’s important to note that these changes may not entirely be T-Mobile’s doing, as Netflix retired the Basic plan in the US and UK back in July. Despite this, the change may come as a disappointment to some T-Mobile customers who have enjoyed the ad-free Netflix experience for several years.