Exclusive: Galaxy S24, S25, and S26 Ultra Camera Upgrades Revealed by Leading Tipster!

Samsung has big plans for the cameras on their upcoming Galaxy S24, S25, and S26 Ultra models. According to a reliable source, the company will be making significant upgrades to the wide, ultra wide, and telephoto cameras of its Ultra models between now and 2026.

The rumored details for the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra’s cameras have been leaked. It is said to have a 50MP sensor with 0.7µm pixels for its periscope camera, a major improvement from the current 10MP sensor with 1.1µm pixels on the S23. In 2024, users will have the option to choose between larger pixels with binning or more zoom without. Samsung has also hinted at working on high resolution sensors for tele cameras.

The Galaxy S25 Ultra, set to be released a year later, will have even more upgrades, with a new lens for the main camera and an upgraded 50MP sensor for the ultra wide module. The periscope is also expected to gain a variable focal length, a feature currently only offered by Sony, which will improve the quality of zoom shots.

Finally, the Galaxy S26 Ultra will see an upgrade in the sensor of the main camera, growing from the current 1/1.3” 0.6µm to 1.1” 0.7µm. The resolution will also stay at a whopping 200MP.

But that’s not all – the Galaxy S25 and S25+ are also rumored to have new sensors, though the changes will be less extensive than on their Ultra sibling.

With the expected announcement of the S24 series in mid-January, Samsung’s camera upgrades are definitely something to look forward to. Stay tuned for more updates on the latest Samsung Galaxy models.