Get the Latest Samsung Galaxy A52 5G’s Android 14 Update Now Available in the US – Click to Upgrade!

Great news for Samsung Galaxy A52 5G users in the US! The long-awaited Android 14 update is now rolling out for carrier-locked units. This update brings a lot of new features and improvements, along with the December 2023 security patch.

Unfortunately, unlocked models are not yet eligible for the update, but it’s expected that they will be added to the list soon. If you are using a carrier-locked Galaxy A52 5G, you should be on the lookout for software version A526USQUCFWL1, which is a 2GB download. Make sure you have enough free storage before attempting to upgrade to Android 14.

Samsung has also promised four years of Android OS updates for all its Galaxy devices, so the Galaxy A52 5G will qualify for another major Android update in the future. This news is a relief for users who have been waiting for the latest software on their devices.

The update was first released in Europe and China, and now it has finally arrived in the US. Samsung has also updated some pre-installed apps on the phone as part of the update.

This update shows Samsung’s commitment to providing long-term support for its devices, ensuring that users can continue to enjoy the latest software and security updates. Keep an eye out for the Android 14 update if you’re a Galaxy A52 5G user in the US, and enjoy all the new features and improvements it brings to your device.