Exclusive Update: Samsung Confirms Use of S23’s 50MP Sensor for Galaxy S24 and S25 Models

Samsung’s Upcoming Galaxy S24 and S25 to Feature Same Main Camera Sensor as Galaxy Z Fold5 and Galaxy S23

According to a report by Revegnus on X, Samsung is expected to use the same main camera sensor in the upcoming Galaxy S24/S24+ and the Galaxy S25/S25+ as it has used in the Galaxy Z Fold5 and Galaxy S23. This report contradicts an earlier rumor that Samsung would switch to a Sony-made sensor for the Galaxy S25/S25+.

The main camera sensor used in the Galaxy S23 and S23+ is the ISOCELL GN3 sensor, a 50MP 1/1.56-inch optical format with 1.0┬Ám pre-binned pixels. This sensor replaced the GN5 inside the Galaxy S22 series. The 50MP sensor is considered to be on the larger side of the spectrum.

It is speculated that future phones with the same sensor could feature upgrades in both the optics and lenses in front of the sensor, as well as faster and more sophisticated image processors inside the newer chipsets. Additionally, using the same part for a longer period can result in more consistent image processing and easier production and manufacturing.

This news may reassure Samsung fans who were concerned about the switch to a Sony-made sensor for the upcoming Galaxy S25/S25+. With the potential for upgrades in optics, lenses, and image processors, the Galaxy S24 and S25 could continue to offer high-quality camera performance.

The source of this information can be found on Twitter, and it is expected to bring relief to Samsung enthusiasts eagerly awaiting the release of the new Galaxy S24 and S25 models. With the use of the same main camera sensor as in previous successful models, Samsung is likely to continue its tradition of delivering excellent camera quality in its flagship smartphones.