Realme’s Exciting New Slogan “Make it Real” Targets Young Customers – Find Out More!

Realme Unveils “Make It Real” Slogan and Focus on Young Customers

Realme, a smartphone company that has been on the market for over five years, has announced a new slogan and a shift in focus. The new slogan, “Make it real,” is part of the company’s transition from an “opportunity-oriented” approach to a “brand-oriented” one, with a goal of resonating with young users.

In an open letter, Realme’s executive, Sky Li, explained that the company will be redefining its brand standard across its portfolio. This change signifies a move towards a more inclusive and expansive brand with long-term investment and growth, as opposed to simply being trendy-based.

In addition to the new slogan, Realme also plans to optimize its logo, although specific details about this change have not been provided. The executive’s letter, which was over 1,700 words long, was filled with marketing lingo and can be found in full on the Realme website.

Realme’s new direction and focus on young customers indicate a strategic shift for the company as it seeks to carve out a distinct identity in the competitive smartphone market. With the unveiling of the new slogan and brand approach, Realme is aiming to establish a stronger connection with its target audience and ensure its continued growth and success in the years to come.