The Ultimate Ranking of the Best OnePlus Phones from the Last 10 Years!

OnePlus Celebrates 10 Years of Standout Devices

Android enthusiasts all over the world are celebrating a decade of standout phones from OnePlus, the Chinese brand that captured the hearts of power users. From the very beginning, OnePlus knew who its audience was, and it has consistently delivered flagship hardware paired with best-in-class software.

The OnePlus 7 Pro, released in 2019, stands out as one of the most revolutionary devices in the brand’s history. With its unique motorized camera module that seamlessly hid the front camera when not in use, it offered a truly one-of-a-kind design. The device still looks futuristic today, with a stunning screen and incredible Nebula Blue color variant.

The OnePlus 7T, released shortly after the 7 Pro, took the best aspects of its predecessor and made them more accessible to users. With a 90Hz AMOLED panel and a circular camera design, it represented 4G’s last hurrah before the era of 5G phones began.

The OnePlus Open, the brand’s only recent foldable device, represents a new era of innovation and accessibility. With a large outer screen and a fantastic camera package, it marks OnePlus’ success in the foldable phone market.

The OnePlus 6T, which launched in 2018, ushered in a new era of design for the brand with its metal-and-glass aesthetic and in-screen fingerprint sensor. Although it lacked a 3.5mm jack, its sleek design and stunning color options made it a fan favorite.

The OnePlus 3T, released in 2016, is also an important part of OnePlus’ history. It signaled the brand’s targeting of mainstream buyers with its exquisite metal design and stellar hardware, allowing it to compete with major players in the smartphone market.

To celebrate a decade of success, it’s important to mention OnePlus’ limited edition models, which have consistently stood out as some of the best phones in the brand’s lineup.

As OnePlus looks ahead to the future, fans can expect more innovative and groundbreaking devices that carry on the brand’s legacy of delivering standout hardware and software, solidifying its position as a favorite among Android enthusiasts worldwide. Cheers to another 10 years of OnePlus!