Google Pixel 8 Pro brings back beloved camera feature – See what’s returning in 2022!

Good news for astrophotography lovers! The latest phone from Google, the Pixel 8 Pro, has brought back the ability to take ultra-wide astrophotography photos. This feature was removed from the Pixel 4a (5G) and Pixel 5 back in 2020 due to complaints about the quality of the shots.

The Pixel 8 Pro comes with a pixel-binning 48MP ultra-wide image sensor, which combines information from four adjacent pixels into one larger pixel. This improves the quality of images shot in low-light conditions and reduces noise. This could be the reason why Google decided to bring back the ultra-wide astrophotography feature to the Pixel 8 Pro.

In comparison, the Pixel 8 only has a 12MP ultra-wide image sensor, which might not be as capable for astrophotography. It’s also possible that Google’s decision to reintroduce this feature is aimed at attracting consumers to the more expensive Pro model.

Additionally, Google has updated its Google Camera support page to mention that ultra-wide astrophotography is limited to the Pixel 8 Pro. This means users of the Pixel 7 Pro and Pixel 6 Pro, which also have 12MP ultra-wide sensors, should not expect this feature to become backward compatible.

Overall, it seems like ultra-wide astrophotography could be a feature exclusive to the new Pro model each year. So, if you’re someone who loves capturing stunning photographs of the night sky with your phone, the Pixel 8 Pro might be the perfect choice for you.