Pimax Portal Review: Unleashing the Power of VR on Nintendo Switch

Pimax Portal Unveiled as the First Dedicated Android Gaming Handheld

Pimax, primarily known for its work in the VR space, has taken a leap into the world of Android gaming. With the recent announcement of the Pimax Portal, the company is stepping out of its comfort zone to bring Android gaming to the next level. Pimax led off this endeavor with a successful Indiegogo campaign back in late 2022 for its Portal handheld, with prices starting at $329 and going up to $549 for the high-end version.

The Pimax Portal runs on the Snapdragon XR2 chip, having 8GB of RAM and 256GB of expandable storage. Pimax offers two versions of the 5.5-inch display, with a 1080p LCD screen and a 4K QLED option, both providing a 120Hz refresh rate. The unique feature of the Portal is its detachable controllers, providing a flexible gaming experience. However, the D-Pad and ABXY buttons offer a non-traditional teardrop design, making extended use uncomfortable for some users.

The Portal comes with Android 10, which poses some limitations with older app compatibility, including issues running NVIDIA GeForce Now and emulating Nintendo Switch games via Yuzu. However, the Portal has been successful in handling many popular Android games and Xbox Game Pass titles.

The Pimax Portal’s unique design and powerful hardware make it a promising addition to the Android gaming market. Although its gaming capabilities are limited by the older Android version, Pimax’s innovative approach to handheld gaming paves the way for future developments in the industry. With the upcoming release of the Portal View headset and continued software updates, Pimax is set to make a significant impact in the handheld gaming arena.