Discover the Cutting-Edge Oppo Find X7 Pro: Unveiling its Groundbreaking Dual Periscope Telephoto Camera System!

The new Oppo Find X7 Pro is generating a lot of excitement with the leaks and rumors circulating about its features. According to the latest news from Ice Universe, a schematic of the phone has been released, revealing a dual periscope telephoto camera setup.

The schematic shows a total of four cameras, with two of them equipped with periscope lenses. One of the telephoto cameras is rumored to have a 50 MP resolution and offer 6x zoom using a Sony IMX 858 1/2.51″ imager, while the other one uses a larger IMX 890 1/1.56″ sensor for 3x zoom. It is also speculated that the other two cameras will be similar to those in the Find X6 Pro, with a 1-inch sensor for the main camera and a 50 MP ultrawide camera.

This news has sparked anticipation among tech enthusiasts and Oppo fans, who are eager to see the capabilities of the new camera system. With the Find X7 Pro’s predecessor already known for its impressive camera quality, the addition of a dual periscope telephoto setup is expected to take photography to a whole new level.

Oppo has not yet confirmed these details but the leaks and rumors have already caused a buzz in the smartphone community. Fans are keeping a close eye on any updates from the company, hoping for an official announcement about the Find X7 Pro’s release date and specifications.

For now, the focus remains on the potential of the new dual periscope telephoto camera system and how it will elevate the photography experience for users. Stay tuned for more updates on the Oppo Find X7 Pro as the anticipation continues to build.