Revive Your Old Apps with This Genius OnePlus 12 Trick for a New Lease on Life!

The OnePlus 12 phone has already been released in China, and it will soon be revealed in the U.S. during a launch event on January 23. The phone comes with a unique feature called “Tango,” which allows 32-bit apps to run on its 64-bit processor.

This feature is particularly useful in China, where many apps distributed via app stores have not yet transitioned to 64-bit architectures. The inclusion of Tango in the Chinese variant of the phone helps users run older 32-bit apps on the OnePlus 12.

However, it’s uncertain whether the U.S. version of the OnePlus 12 will have this feature. Google has already moved away from supporting 32-bit apps, making the need for Tango less crucial for U.S. users.

The absence of 32-bit cores on the Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 processor, which powers the OnePlus 12, makes Tango an important addition for users in regions where 32-bit apps are still in use.

OnePlus initially restricted Tango to only approved apps, but they later opened the feature to all 32-bit apps through a software update. While most users may not need 32-bit apps, having the option can be handy for using older apps that have not yet been updated to 64-bit versions.

The release of the OnePlus 12 in the U.S. and the potential inclusion of Tango will be an interesting development for smartphone users. It remains to be seen whether Tango will be available worldwide or if it will be region-locked. Overall, the OnePlus 12’s unique feature is sure to make it stand out in the competitive smartphone market.