Keep Your Galaxy Battery Healthy with the New One UI 6.1 Feature – Learn How!

Samsung is working on a new software update for its Galaxy phones called One UI 6.1. This update is expected to feature a “Protect Battery” toggle, as revealed by tipster Tarun Vats. The “Protect Battery” toggle will have three settings to help users maintain the health of their phone’s battery.

The first setting, called “Basic,” will stop charging the battery when it reaches 100% and resume charging at 95%. The second setting, “Adaptive,” will charge the phone to 80% while the user is sleeping and finish charging to 100% just before they wake up. The last setting, “Max,” will simply stop charging at 80%, which is expected to prolong the overall battery life.

This new feature is expected to be available for testing in a beta release before the official version of the update is released. One UI is Samsung’s Android skin that allows users to customize their Galaxy phones and navigate larger screens with one hand.

The One UI 6.1 beta program is expected to start soon, with the Galaxy S23, S23+, and S23 Ultra being the first eligible handsets to install the update. It is anticipated to follow the release of One UI 5.1, which was launched in February. With this new update, Samsung aims to provide its users with better control over their phone’s battery health and extend the overall lifespan of their devices.

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