Masimo Engineer Teams up with Tim Cook for Groundbreaking Apple Watch Collaboration

It has been reported that a former engineer from Masimo, a medical technology company, was hired by Apple after emailing the CEO, Tim Cook. Marcelo Lamego, a Brazilian Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering, worked at Masimo for several years before joining Apple in 2014. However, his time at Apple was short-lived due to clashes with management and budget demands.

Despite not having the knowledge to develop a blood oxygen feature, Lamego shared information with Apple based on his experience at Masimo. The blood oxygen sensor was eventually introduced in the Apple Watch Series 6 in 2020. Meanwhile, Lamego started his own company, True Wearables, and faced legal challenges from Masimo for developing a device that monitors blood oxygen levels.

Masimo accused Apple of stealing its technology by hiring its key engineers and has sought $3 billion in damages. Apple has been working on legal and software solutions to circumvent the ban on its Apple Watch which was imposed by the International Trade Commission. It is expected that both companies will return to court if a settlement is not reached by the end of October.

The legal battle between Apple and Masimo continues to develop, with both companies seeking resolution to their ongoing disputes. As technology continues to advance and companies compete for market share, the impact of this case on the future of wearable technology remains to be seen.