Masimo CEO Kiani’s High-Stakes Gamble: Will Apple Pay up for Big Settlement and Licensing Fee?

Masimo, a medical technology company, has spent $100 million in a lawsuit against tech giant Apple. The lawsuit, which started four years ago, alleges that Apple infringed on Masimo’s patents related to the pulse oximeter used in certain Apple Watch models. Masimo’s founder and CEO, Joe Kiani, believes that someone needs to stand up to Apple and is willing to take on the tech giant, despite warnings from friends and colleagues.

The pulse oximeter measures the saturation of oxygen carried in a person’s red blood cells, and it should range between 95% to 100%. A reading under 95% could indicate low oxygen levels, or hypoxemia, and could also indicate a problem with a person’s lungs.

Kiani’s decision to pursue the lawsuit against Apple has been met with skepticism, as Apple is known for its unlimited resources. Despite this, Kiani is determined to take on the tech giant, believing that it could lead to positive changes within the company.

Masimo has a history of successful patent infringement cases, with Kiani having won nearly $2 billion from earlier cases dating back to 2006. While the battle against Apple may take several years to resolve, Kiani has shown patience and resolve in previous cases.

Despite the significant financial investment, Kiani is adamant about standing up to Apple, believing that it could have a positive impact on the world. He is determined to hold Apple accountable for its actions and is dedicated to seeing the lawsuit through to the end.

As the lawsuit continues, Apple reportedly developed an alternate method for the Apple Watch to measure a wearer’s blood oxygen level. However, Masimo is determined to protect its patents and could potentially receive a significant payout if the lawsuit is successful.

Overall, Masimo’s lawsuit against Apple reflects a commitment to protecting intellectual property and holding tech giants accountable for patent infringement. Kiani’s determination and resilience demonstrate the company’s dedication to upholding its rights and seeking justice in the face of adversity.