Get ready to shop with ease: Lowe’s now accepts Apple Pay!

Lowe’s, the second-largest hardware chain in the U.S., has made a big decision. They will now support Apple Pay at all of their 2,100 retail locations. Apple Pay is a mobile payment service that lets iPhone users pay for things by tapping their phone on a special machine at the store.

This is good news for Apple, because they make a little bit of money every time someone uses Apple Pay. In fact, they are expected to make $4 billion from Apple Pay this year. That’s more than double what they made last year.

Lowe’s decision to support Apple Pay is a smart one. It might help them take some business away from their biggest competitor, Home Depot, which does not support Apple Pay. Another big store that doesn’t support Apple Pay is Walmart. They have their own payment service called Walmart Pay.

But Apple is hoping that more big stores will start to support Apple Pay. That’s because they want to keep growing and making more money. And they know that people love the convenience of using Apple Pay.

So, next time you go to Lowe’s, you can leave your credit card in your wallet. Just grab your iPhone, tap it, and hear the “ding” that means your payment has been accepted. And who knows, maybe Walmart will start supporting Apple Pay too! That would be a big deal for Apple, and it would make things even more convenient for people who love using Apple Pay.