Must-See Photo: Why iPhone 15 Users Must Use Genuine Apple or Apple-Certified Chargers for Safety and Performance

A Warning for iPhone 15 Pro Max Users

A Reddit user recently experienced a scary incident with his iPhone 15 Pro Max. The user, going by the name NoisilyMarvellous, posted a picture showing how the phone overheated so much that it melted the plastic on the charging cable. The user reported that the phone got so hot while charging overnight that it left a burn on his finger. When the charger was removed, it had melted some of the plastic, left burn marks on the body, and stuck the metal part of the USB-C port into the phone.

The user also posted some questions about how to remove the melted plastic and whether the problem was with the phone, the charging cable, or the plug. In response, it was suggested that a trip to the Apple Store or an Apple-certified repair center be made before attempting to remove the cord. It’s important to know if the charging cable was a certified MFi accessory or a USB-C cable purchased from a gas station.

This incident serves as a reminder of the importance of using official Apple or certified MFi charging cables for the iPhone. While it might be tempting to use cheaper alternatives, the standards set by Apple and MFi manufacturers are much higher and ensure safety. A similar warning was recently issued by Apple regarding the use of authentic and certified Apple Watch chargers.

With the switch to USB-C charging on the iPhone 15 series, some users might have been tempted to use sub-standard USB-C cords. However, it’s crucial to avoid this temptation and stick to official or certified cables. The user’s iPhone 15 Pro Max may now be unsafe to use, and it is advised to bring the device to an Apple Store or certified repair shop for inspection.

In conclusion, the safety of users is paramount, and using official or certified charging cables for electronic devices is crucial to prevent dangerous incidents like the one experienced by NoisilyMarvellous.

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