Boost Your Click-Through Rate with These 2 Action Button Improvements

Apple’s new iPhone 15 Pro Max has introduced a host of new features, including a 5x telephoto lens and an Action button. However, for one user, the headline feature of the improved camera didn’t win him over.

With the 5x telephoto lens, it impressed the user during portrait photography sessions, producing decent natural bokeh. However, the user also found Apple’s artificial blurring in iOS 17 to be hit-and-miss, especially in recognizing faces.

But what really stole the show for the user was the Action button. The user assigned it to the camera, using it for quick video capture of unexpected moments. With a long-press to open the Camera app, the user can quickly start recording a video within three seconds. The user appreciates the fact that one button does it all, making video capture more convenient.

However, the user does have two improvements he would like to see. The initial delay before the button responds is quite long, and for videos, the user would like the button to begin recording immediately after pressing and holding. Despite these improvements, the user still finds the Action button to be incredibly useful.

One interesting change the user made was holding the iPhone ‘upside-down’ in landscape mode. By doing so, the user trained himself to rotate the camera to the right, allowing for more comfortable use of the Action button and the camera in general.

Now, the user is curious to hear from other iPhone 15 Pro Max users about how they have assigned the Action button and how useful they find it. The user is looking forward to sharing thoughts and experiences in the comments section.

Overall, the user’s experience with the iPhone 15 Pro Max has been quite positive, and the Action button has become a standout feature for everyday use. Despite some minor improvements, the user has found a new level of convenience in capturing moments on the go with this new iPhone.