Supercharge Your iPhone 15: Maximize Charging Speed with USB-C

Apple fans have some good news. The company has replaced the Lightning port in the new iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Pro with USB-C. This means that users can now charge their phones with almost any USB-C cable and power adapter available online.

Users can use any USB-C cable they can find. This includes cables marketed for ‘Android’ phones. However, if the phone is charging slowly, users may need to change their charging brick.

Apple used to include small 5-watt power adapters with the iPhone. These can still be used with the iPhone 15, but it will only charge the phone at a speed of 5W. As the batteries in smartphones have gotten bigger, charging at this speed can take four or five hours to go from zero to 100%, which is quite slow.

For faster charging, users will need a higher wattage charging brick. The iPhone 15 can technically receive power up to 27 watts, but practically speaking, there are diminishing returns on charging speed above ~20-watts. With a USB-C cable and an Apple 20 W USB-C power adapter, users can charge the iPhone 15 from zero to 50% in about 30 minutes, and from zero to 100% in under 2 hours.

But users are not limited to Apple accessories. There are plenty of higher-wattage USB-C charging options available on the market. Users can also safely use power adapters that are rated higher than 20 watts, as they will automatically charge the iPhone at the maximum speed it supports.

In fact, the USB-C port means that users can now fast charge all of their Apple devices with the same cable and 60-watt (or higher) MacBook power adapter. This new technology makes life simpler for Apple fans.