Unbiased Huawei FreeClip Review: Is it Worth the Hype?

Huawei introduces the FreeClip true wireless earphones earlier this month, and now a pair is in for review. The earphones come in two colors, Purple and Black, and the review unit is in Black. Despite being less exciting, the Black color is versatile for matching with clothing.

The unique design of the buds allows for a great fit over the curvature of the human ear, and they are light and unintrusive. They consist of three parts – Comfort Bean, C-bridge, and Acoustic Ball, all of which are touch-sensitive. The buds connect via Bluetooth, and users can install the AI Life app from the AppGallery to customize the sound output and touch gestures.

Huawei proudly announced that the FreeClip is the first open-ear audio accessory that does not distinguish between left or right ear – the design is the same and works equally well on either ear. The buds can also be placed in the case in any order.

The review is currently underway, and the initial results appear promising. A final verdict will be available before the end of the year. Stay tuned for the full review!