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per month after our baby girl was born, and it went from a position of privilege last year to a struggle just to fit in the time now.

So far, I read Dune and Foundation (the entire series), and I enjoyed both. However, some of the books were atrocious, and it’s edifying to realize that the more books you read, the better you understand the spectrum of quality. That’s partially why I’m glad I started with the classics. Sci-fi is still my genre of choice, and I have Asimov’s Robot series queued up next alongside a few first-reads like 1984 and Animal Farm. 2021 wasn’t a very Tolkien year, but I plan to make up for it in 2023.

And at the end, we also took a look at some audiobooks I have on my phone. I will be adding more works based on recommendations from friends and looking forward to new releases. These are an interesting aesthetic change in how we approach our reading, and I’m stoked to try more of them next year.

In essence, I test-drove a lot of gear, realized how little time I had, and managed to get hobbies going anyway. But again, that’s not a surprise to anyone. I’m assuming I had an average year when it comes to tech and hobbies from this data, despite becoming a dad and having to manage a lot more. I would share that experience with other parents and tech enthusiasts to give them some insight into what they might be dealing with in their life. Hopefully it would be helpful.