Exclusive Sneak Peek: Gurman’s Bold Predictions for Apple’s 2024 Innovation Beyond the iPhone

Apple’s 2024: A Year of Wearables and Health Features

Apple fans, get ready for some major changes from the tech giant in 2024! According to Mark Gurman’s latest Power On newsletter at Bloomberg, Apple is set to shift its focus from the iPhone to its wearables and health features.

Gurman predicts that Apple’s wearables will “take center stage” in 2024, with the launch of the Vision Pro headset, a new product category for the company. He also expects significant updates to the AirPods 4 and AirPods Max, as well as a major overhaul of the Apple Watch with “compelling health features.”

The Vision Pro headset is expected to launch in early 2024, with Gurman speculating a release date between late January and February. He believes that this new product could become a big part of Apple’s financial story in the coming years, much like the Apple Watch did after a few generations.

Health features are also a major focus for Apple in 2024, with Gurman predicting that future Apple Watch models will include game-changing features such as blood pressure measurements and sleep apnea detection. These features are expected to have real marketing power and could “sell a lot of devices.”

In addition to the new wearables, Apple is also planning updates to its existing AirPods lineup. The AirPods 4, set to launch in 2024, will come in two distinct models based on noise cancellation and Find My integration. Apple is also expected to introduce a hearing aid feature that works with AirPods, potentially disrupting the multibillion-dollar industry.

Overall, 2024 looks to be a year of innovation and change for Apple, with a renewed focus on wearables, health features, and updates to its popular AirPods. Which of these upcoming releases are you most excited about? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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