Revolutionize Device Management: Uninstall Apps on Any Device with Google Play Store’s Remote Feature

Google has just released the latest version of the Play Store, version 38.8, and it comes with a new feature that allows users to uninstall apps remotely from devices connected to the same account. This feature is available on all platforms including PC, Auto, Phone, TV, and Wear.

Previously, users could only install apps on devices under the same Google account, but they were unable to remove them remotely. With the new functionality, users can now easily uninstall apps from their devices. The Play Store’s new UI also compiles all installed apps in a more manageable list, allowing users to organize them by size, group them by device, and much more.

This new feature will be particularly useful for those managing Android TV, Android Auto, or Wear OS apps, as their interfaces are more limited. Users will find it much easier to install and uninstall apps using either a desktop browser or their Android phone.

However, the new version of the Play Store has not reached all users yet, so it may take some time before everyone has access to this latest feature.

This update is a welcome addition for users who want more control over the apps installed on their devices. With the ability to remotely uninstall apps, managing multiple devices under the same account has become much easier and more convenient.

For those interested in learning more about the new feature, they can visit the official Google support documentation or read more about it on The Spandroid blog.

Overall, the latest version of the Play Store brings a much-needed feature that will improve the user experience and make app management a more seamless process for all Google account users.