Unlock the Power of Google’s New Pixel Diagnostic App and Repair Manuals for Easy Pixel Fixes!

Google has made it easier for Pixel phone users to fix their devices with the launch of a new Pixel Diagnostic App and repair manuals in English and French.

The Pixel Diagnostic App allows users to test for issues before and after a repair, as well as check the functionality of the device after it’s been repaired. Users can access the app by dialing *#*#7287#*#* from the Pixel’s Phone app, but must ensure that their smartphone is connected to the internet before doing so.

For those who need to send their Pixel for repairs, a new Repair Mode for Pixels has been introduced to protect their data and prevent access to it during the repair process. Users can simply turn it on before handing their phone to the repair technician, and then turn it off after receiving it back.

In addition, Google has released new repair manuals in English and French to assist users in fixing their Pixel devices themselves. These manuals are available for access on the Google support website.

Google has also collaborated with independent repair providers, such as uBreakiFix, to offer support for Pixel phones at over 700 locations in the US, irrespective of their warranty status.

Furthermore, to improve device repairability, Google has announced the availability of repair fixtures and tools from Shyft Global Services. Additionally, the company has partnered with iFixit to provide genuine spare parts for its devices.

With these new initiatives, Google aims to empower Pixel phone users to easily diagnose and repair their devices, whether through their own efforts or with the assistance of professional repair services. The availability of repair manuals, diagnostic app, and partnerships with repair providers and spare parts suppliers demonstrate Google’s commitment to enhancing the overall user experience and support for its Pixel devices.

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