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Google TV Receives Major Updates for Better Performance and More Free Channels

Google TV has announced significant updates this week to improve performance and provide users with a smoother experience. The updates include optimizing storage based on user feedback, faster loading of apps, recommendations, preloaded content, and the addition of new free channels to the Live tab.

One of the key improvements in the update is the optimization of memory usage to ensure faster navigation across the user interface. This will result in faster loading of apps and improved performance of various features on Google TV. Additionally, the update aims to reduce the size of preinstalled apps during the initial setup to free up more storage space.

As users scroll through movies and shows, they will now notice that Google TV preloads rows faster and search results appear quicker than before. The Live tab, which already offers over 800 free TV channels, is also receiving enhancements with the addition of new categories such as Recents and Local News.

The Recents category allows users to quickly access recently watched free channels, while the Local News category provides free news channels based on the user’s location. Furthermore, 14 new free channels have been added as part of the latest update, bringing the total to 115 free-built channels without any subscription fee.

To add to the holiday spirit, Google has introduced a new Advent Calendar with daily movie recommendations until December 25, 2023, and a “Holiday” category on the Live tab showcasing free holiday movies next to music channels. Additionally, the “Best of 2023” section has been added to feature this year’s best movies, shows, and music.

These updates aim to enhance the overall user experience on Google TV and provide more options for free entertainment. With faster performance and an increased selection of free channels, users can enjoy a more seamless and enjoyable streaming experience throughout the holiday season and beyond.