Discover how Android 15 could expand Samsung’s top privacy feature to a wider range of phones

Google is working on a new feature for Android phones called Private Spaces. This feature will allow users to hide important apps in a secure area on their smartphones. The Private Spaces feature was discovered by Android expert Mishaal Rahman in the Android 14 QPR2 Beta 2 software version.

Private Spaces could be released with an Android feature drop in March or with the Android 15 update in the fall. Private Spaces are designed to keep sensitive information, such as confidential messages, banking apps, and passwords, hidden from prying eyes. The feature will work by creating a new profile on the Android device, separate from the main user profile.

Users will be able to access Private Spaces from the bottom of their app list. Apps in Private Spaces will be protected by a lock, and notifications from these apps will be hidden when the space is locked. Additionally, Private Space apps won’t appear in permission manager, privacy dashboard, and other settings when the space is locked.

Although the feature is not yet fully functional, the early preview gives us an idea of what Private Spaces will look like and how it will work. Google is still working on making Private Space apps available from the search bar.

There is currently no official launch date for the Private Spaces feature, but it is expected to be released next year. It may be included in the March feature drop for Android, but a more realistic target is the Android 15 update in the fall.

Private Spaces will provide Android users with an extra layer of security and privacy for their sensitive information and apps. With this feature, users can have peace of mind knowing that their important apps and data are secure and hidden from unauthorized access.