Boost Your Productivity with Remote App Uninstall in Google Play Store!

Google Play Store is about to make app management across all your devices easier than ever. A new feature is set to launch soon, allowing users to remotely uninstall apps from their Play Store account.

Originally planned to debut with the Play Store v38.3 update, the feature has been delayed and is now expected to come with v38.8. According to reports, the feature will act as a universal app manager, giving users the ability to remove unwanted apps from any connected device, not just their Android smartphones.

To use the feature, users will need to tap their profile icon in the Play Store and select “Manage apps & device.” From there, they can choose their current device and select the connected device they want to target. Then, they can scroll through the app list and choose the apps to uninstall, finalizing the action by tapping the delete icon.

This new functionality will be a game-changer for those with multiple connected gadgets, eliminating the need to physically access each device to remove unwanted apps. Additionally, the feature will also allow users to sort their apps by size, making it easier to identify and remove large apps that may be draining device resources.

Google plans to make this feature compatible with a wide range of platforms, including Android Auto, PCs, Android phones, TVs, and Wear OS devices. This means users will have the ability to manage their apps across all their devices with ease.

Overall, this update from Google Play Store is set to streamline app management and improve device performance for users with multiple connected devices. Keep an eye out for the v38.8 update to take advantage of this new feature.

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