Exciting News: ‘Pixie’ AI Assistant Could Soon Replace Google Assistant on Pixel 9!

Google is working on a new AI assistant called Pixie for their Pixel phones. According to reports, Pixie could debut as early as next year with the Pixel 9 and Pixel 9 Pro. This new assistant will be smarter and more personal than the current Google Assistant, and it will make better use of data on Pixel phones.

The company is also considering bringing AI features to lower-end devices, watches, and wearables in the future. The goal is to make the AI features exclusive to the Pixel lineup and to differentiate Google’s products from competitors.

Google has been making significant advancements in AI, with the release of its latest AI model, Gemini, and the development of a more powerful model called Gemini Ultra. The company is also working on training a new Gemini 2 model. Pixie is expected to be a much more powerful version of the current Google Assistant, but it is unclear whether it will be a replacement or a complementary assistant.

The Pixie assistant could attract customers looking for artificial intelligence features and could also be a reason for them to choose a Pixel phone. On the other hand, customers seeking a Pixel phone could be drawn to Google’s AI features due to the deep integration available.

In the past, Google has experimented with AI on smartphones with Gemini Nano, a smaller version of Gemini that can use a phone’s on-device processing. These efforts are expected to continue with the development of the rumored Pixie assistant and other AI features.

Overall, the development of Pixie and the integration of AI features into Pixel devices are part of Google’s strategy to differentiate its products and attract more customers in the competitive smartphone market.

The company has not made an official announcement about Pixie, so more details about the new AI assistant are expected to be revealed in the future.