Finally! Google Messages set to roll out long-awaited editing feature – Get the inside scoop now!

Google may be working on a new feature for its Messages app that allows users to edit sent text messages. The code for this feature was found in the app’s latest beta version, but there has been no official word from Google yet.

The latest beta version of the Google Messages app, released in late November, contains code suggesting the development of a message editing feature. The code includes flags such as bugle.enable_edit_ui and bugle.load_edit_history, indicating the potential existence of this feature.

The ability to edit sent text messages is a highly requested feature in messaging platforms, and Google seems to be catching up with other apps like WhatsApp and Telegram, which already have this feature. The competition among messaging platforms has increased with the adoption of RCS, and with Apple reportedly bringing RCS support to iOS in 2024, there is hope for better compatibility between platforms.

However, the code for the message editing feature in Google Messages is currently behind flags and cannot be enabled. There is no indication of when Google might release this feature, or if it will even be officially launched.

With recent improvements to its Messaging app, including Photomoji, voice moods, and screen effects, Google is continuously working to enhance the user experience. The addition of a message editing feature would further enhance the app’s functionality and meet the demands of its user base.

As messaging apps continue to evolve, the development of new features such as message editing will likely remain a focus for tech companies looking to improve user satisfaction and engagement. We will have to wait for an official announcement from Google to see if the message editing feature will become a reality in the near future.