Enhance Your Chat Experience with Google Messages’ Colorful RCS Background Wallpapers

Google Messages is getting a new look! The app is introducing a new background wallpaper for RCS chats to make them stand out from regular SMS/MMS conversations. The new wallpaper features overlapping circles and bubbles, using Dynamic Color to maintain an attractive appearance. This design aims to make RCS conversations more visually distinct within the app.

The new background wallpaper is part of Google’s efforts to differentiate RCS chats on Messages. Previously, the company introduced a badge that identifies RCS-supported conversations in the inbox. The new wallpaper is set to make RCS chats more visually appealing and easier to identify, especially with a light theme.

According to reports, the wallpapers are already rolling out, although it’s not clear how widely the option is appearing. However, based on the images shared, it seems that the new wallpaper design is being used during testing and implementation stages.

This update comes as Google continues to add new features to the Messages app, including the ability to customize message bubbles with nine different colors. The company is working to provide users with a more expressive and personalized messaging experience.

Overall, the new background wallpaper is a step towards making RCS chats more distinctive and engaging for users on Google Messages. With this visual update, Google aims to create a more enjoyable and user-friendly messaging experience for its users.