Google Keep’s New Upgrade Makes Note-Taking on Your Phone Even Easier – Check It Out!

Android 14 is making changes to note-taking on your phone and tablet. Google Keep will soon be able to be set as the default notes app. This means that users can use a new shortcut with Keep in apps and on their device’s lock screen.

Google added a new “ROLE_NOTES” role for note-taking apps, which will allow users to quickly access their desired application through a new floating UI shortcut. Google Keep’s latest update prepares the app for this feature.

Android Authority discovered that a new “Note-taking” shortcut is being prepared for the lock screen. This shortcut will open any appropriate notes app, such as Keep, when interacting with it, without needing to unlock the device.

In addition to these changes, Keep also shows signs of Google working on stylus support for Android 14. This would allow users with a Pixel Tablet or other Android tablet to press a button on their stylus to activate the Notes app. While this feature is not yet fully functional, it indicates that Google is preparing for a stable release.

The latest version of Keep also allows for easier screenshots of certain apps. Even if some applications disable the screenshot function for security reasons, Keep will have a “special API” that enables screenshots, allowing users to review the photo and make adjustments before saving or discarding it.

Overall, these developments indicate that Android 14 is gearing up to provide new and improved note-taking features for Android devices, and users can look forward to these changes in the near future. Keep an eye out for the rollout of these new features, which will make note-taking on Android phones and tablets easier and more convenient for users.