Easily Access Your Favorite Articles and Videos with the New Google Discover Update

Google’s Discover Feed Gets an Upgrade for Easier Content Access

Google is making it easier for users to find the content they love with a new update to its Discover feed. The update includes a new “Liked” tab within the “Saved” page in the main Google app, which allows users to easily access articles and YouTube videos they have previously liked.

With this update, users can tap the heart icon beside articles and videos to add them to their “Liked” tab, where they will be displayed in a grid view format on both Android and desktop devices. This makes it convenient for users to revisit the content that they found interesting in the past.

The “Liked” tab distinguishes itself from the “Saved” section, which focuses on items saved from Google Search and Google Maps. Additionally, desktop users can access their “liked” content through the Interests page, although the view is currently more optimized for Android phones.

This update comes after Google introduced the heart icon for liking articles in late 2020, and it could be seen as a preparation for a larger addition. In fact, Google has been testing a Discover feed for computers in India, which may eventually appear directly on Google.com for desktop users.

If implemented, the Discover feed on the desktop will show recommended news, stocks based on web activity, and other items related to users’ interests. This is not the first time Google has experimented with a feed-like feature, as it had previously tested Discover-like cards on its main page in 2022.

Overall, this update aims to enhance the user experience by providing easier access to liked content and potentially bringing the Discover feed to desktop users in the future. With these improvements, users can look forward to a more seamless and personalized content discovery experience through Google’s platforms.