Take Charge of Your Location Data with New Google Maps Features – Increase Your Control Today!

Google is updating its Maps app to give users more control over their location data. The new “Timeline” feature will collect information on where a user has been, routes taken, and places visited. This information will be saved directly to the user’s device, providing added security.

Users will soon have the option to save their Timeline information onto their Android device if Location History is enabled. This means that if a user chooses to backup their Location History to their account, their data will be encrypted for added security.

In addition to the Timeline feature, Google is also changing the auto-delete function for Location History to three months, down from the previous 18-month period. However, users will have the choice to extend the auto-delete timeframe or turn it off altogether.

Users will also have more control over their location settings through the Maps app. They will be able to tap on their blue placement dot for glanceable information about their Location History, Timeline settings, and whether or not Maps has access to their location. Users will also be able to delete any stored data about their location.

These updates will be rolled out gradually through 2024 on both Android and iOS platforms. The changes are designed to give users more control and security over their location data in Maps.

In addition to these changes, Google is also introducing new features that will allow users to view their Maps activity as it relates to specific places. Users will be able to delete any place-related data, such as directions, visits, and shared content.

Overall, these updates are aimed at providing users with more control and security over their location data in Maps. This will give users peace of mind knowing that their information is encrypted and that they have the option to delete or control their location data as they see fit.

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