Discover the Power of Google Contacts App for Tracking the Locations of Friends and Family Members!

Google has launched a new feature on its Contacts app for Android users. The feature allows users to see the current location of their friends and family members who have shared their location with them on Google Maps. To use this feature, users should ensure that the contact’s Gmail address is included in their Contacts card, and the person has shared their location with them on Google Maps.

To check if your Google Contacts app has been updated with this feature, you can go to Settings > Apps and scroll to Contacts. Tap on Contacts to see the App info page, and scroll down to the bottom to check the app version. If the necessary version is not running on your phone, there is no need to panic as the update will be rolled out in due time.

The feature will display a small section at the bottom of the contact’s card in the Contacts app, dedicated to Google Maps-Location sharing. A button labeled Maps will appear, allowing users to tap on it to see the person’s location in Google Maps. Once located, users can also get directions to the person’s location with just one tap.

It is essential to note that the feature only works for contacts who have shared their location with the user on Google Maps and have their Gmail address included in their Contacts card. Users must also use the Google Contacts app on their Android phone to access this feature.

For those whose Android phone does not have the Google Contacts app, it can be downloaded from the Play Store. The update is currently being rolled out to Android users, so if it is not available on your phone yet, it will be in the near future.