Why GM’s New CarPlay Replacement Software is Failing – What You Need to Know

General Motors (GM) recently announced that it will no longer support CarPlay in its 2024 model year electric vehicles (EVs), causing controversy with its decision. Early real-world reviews of the 2024 Chevy Blazer EV have surfaced, revealing several issues with GM’s new “Ultifi” infotainment software. Both Edmunds and InsideEVs reported significant problems with their 2024 Chevrolet Blazer EVs, such as being stranded in rural Virginia and experiencing 23 problems after only 2 months of use.

Edmunds’ review described the experience of GM’s infotainment system getting stuck in an infinite reboot loop, while InsideEVs reported their infotainment screen going blank, with other controls still working. There were even attempts to troubleshoot the issues, but with little success. Multiple reboots and a phone call with GM were made, but the problems persisted, resulting in a frustrating and dangerous situation on the road.

These software problems have raised questions about the underlying hardware and the premature decision to completely abandon CarPlay. Some believe that having support for a more mature and stable infotainment system like CarPlay could have prevented or resolved some of these issues. However, not everyone had the same negative experience, as Electrek reported a more positive outlook on the 2024 Chevy Blazer EV, including the new infotainment system.

Despite the mixed reviews, GM remains firm on its decision to discontinue CarPlay and move forward with its new infotainment system. The company argued that ditching CarPlay would reduce phone usage while driving, but the real-world experiences seem to challenge this claim. The current state of the software, as depicted by user anecdotes, suggests a potentially disastrous outcome.

As GM’s 2024 model year EVs continue to roll out with the new infotainment system, it remains to be seen how users will adapt to the change and whether GM will address the reported issues. In the meantime, the controversial move to move away from CarPlay has sparked both debate and disappointment among users and experts. The ultimate impact of GM’s decision is yet to be fully realized, but for now, the company stands by its choice.