Rumors: The Galaxy S24’s AI could revolutionize slow-motion videos!

Samsung is set to release its new Galaxy S24 line on January 17, and the latest rumors suggest that the new smartphone will come with a built-in AI feature that allows users to turn videos into slow-motion footage without the need for third-party apps. The Galaxy S24 is expected to be packed with AI goodies, as Samsung focuses on artificial intelligence for its upcoming flagship phones.

According to a report from tipster Ahmed Qwaider, the new Galaxy S24 will include a Browsing Assist AI with three options. This includes the ability to highlight important things on a webpage, translate to/from a given language, and create a summary of a webpage or article. Additionally, the Gallery app on the Galaxy S24 will allow users to compress and create slow-motion footage from any part of a video without the need for a separate app.

The upcoming Galaxy S24 will debut with One UI 6.1, and is expected to offer features such as note summarization in Samsung Notes, real-time language translation during calls, a wallpaper generator, and AI-generated effects for the lock screen wallpaper. The phones may also include the ability to erase things from images and videos.

The new Galaxy S24 line appears to be heavily focused on integrating artificial intelligence into various aspects of the user experience, from web browsing to video editing. As the release date of January 17 approaches, users can anticipate the unveiling of these AI-enabled features and the potential impact they will have on the smartphone market. Stay tuned for more updates on the release and features of the Galaxy S24 line from Samsung.