Breaking: Fossil Watches Ditching Wear OS Technology – What’s Next for Smartwatch Users?

Fossil Smartwatches Moving Away from Wear OS

Reports have surfaced claiming that Fossil will no longer be releasing smartwatches powered by Wear OS. This means that the much-anticipated Fossil Gen 7 watch will not be happening after all.

The lack of a new release aligns with the absence of any updates from Fossil in recent times. The last Fossil Gen 6 watch was released two years ago, and there has been no sign of a Fossil Gen 7 watch this year. The usual rumor mill has also been strangely silent about the device.

Furthermore, Fossil is currently running a huge sale on its Fossil Gen 6 watch, with a discount of more than 50% on the company’s official website. This has led to speculation that Fossil may be clearing inventory in preparation for a shift in its smartwatch lineup.

Unfortunately, there has been no official information on why Fossil has decided to move away from Wear OS or what kind of software will power its future watches.

This news has left many Fossil fans and industry experts wondering about the direction the company will take with its smartwatches. With no clear information on the future of Fossil’s smartwatch platform, it remains to be seen what the brand’s next move in this space will be.

For more information, you can check out the sources at the Reddit WearOS forum and Android Headlines.