How Google’s Pixel 8 Pro Could Revolutionize Health Monitoring with its Thermometer Feature

The Fitbit app may soon have a new feature for Pixel 8 Pro users. The app could integrate with the Pixel 8 Pro’s built-in thermometer, allowing users to track their body temperature over time.

The Pixel 8 Pro’s thermometer currently can only measure the surface temperature of objects. However, Google has applied for FDA approval to enable body temperature readings.

The latest Fitbit app update (version 4.06.7) suggests that it might be gearing up to work with the Pixel 8 Pro’s thermometer. The code mentions the phone’s ability to share thermometer data with the Fitbit app.

Users will have the option to decide whether or not to share the sensor data with the Fitbit app by tapping on a card that would show up on the Fitbit app’s Today screen. This integration could allow Pixel 8 Pro owners to track their body temperature directly from the Fitbit app, giving them valuable insights into their health and well-being.

If users prefer, they can also enter their body temperature readings manually through the app. However, a Google account will be required to use this feature. Once logged in, users can simply tap “save” and their temperatures will appear in the Fitbit app as a graph.

The Pixel 8 Pro’s thermometer, if approved by the FDA, could become more useful for users. Body temperature is an important clue to whether someone has a fever, and a fever is a sign of being unwell. Knowing this information can shape the kind of medical help a person receives.

While we wait for FDA approval, it’s worth noting that some smartwatches already have infrared temperature sensors for features like sleep tracking and cycle prediction. However, wearable makers are cautious about displaying sensor readings directly as body temperature for medical purposes without the appropriate approval.

Overall, the potential integration of the Pixel 8 Pro’s thermometer with the Fitbit app could provide users with a convenient and valuable way to track their body temperature and monitor their health.