Uncovered: Google’s Secret Plan to Transform Pixel 8 Pro Sensor into a Revolutionary Health Tool

Google’s Pixel 8 Pro has a new feature that may soon allow users to take their body temperature. Currently, the temperature sensor on the Pixel 8 Pro can only measure the surface temperature of everyday objects. However, Google has submitted an application to the FDA that, if approved, would allow the company to promote the sensor as a way to take the body temperature of a person.

The Fitbit app, which recently released version 4.06.7, contains code that suggests it will work with the thermometer sensor on the Pixel 8 Pro. The app will allow users to save and store their body temperature data to their Fitbit profile. Users can also manually log their results in the app. The temperatures recorded by the sensor will be displayed in the Fitbit app in the form of a graph, showing users how their temperature is trending.

The Fitbit app also explains the difference between body temperature and skin temperature, stating that body temperature is taken by a thermometer and reflects the temperature inside the body, while skin temperature variation is the fluctuation in temperature taken from the wrist while sleeping.

Despite these exciting developments, the feature is still pending FDA approval. When the feature does receive approval, the Pixel 8 Pro’s sensor could potentially become a valuable tool for personal health monitoring. As of now, version 4.04 of the Fitbit app has just been released, adding a remaining battery percentage display for the device running the app.

For now, users of the Pixel 8 Pro will have to wait for the FDA to sign off on Google’s application before they can use the device to monitor their body temperature.