Fairphone 5 Receives Perfect 10/10 Repairability Rating from iFixit – Find Out Why!

Fairphone 5 Receives Perfect Repairability Rating from iFixit

The Fairphone 5, which was released in September, has received a perfect 10/10 repairability rating from iFixit, a popular repairability testing company. This sustainable phone has been praised for its easy-to-open design, with no need for heating or prying off glass elements. The removable back cover allows for easy battery replacement, while still maintaining an IP55 ingress protection rating against dust and water.

The phone’s repairable design extends deeper, with easy-to-remove connector modules, individually replaceable camera sensors, and marked cable and component labels to assist users during repairs. This design ethos aligns with Fairphone’s commitment to creating products that are built to last and easy to repair.

The iFixit team has conducted a thorough teardown of the Fairphone 5, which can be viewed on their website. Additionally, a detailed review of the Fairphone 5, including its performance testing, is available on GSM Arena’s website.

Fairphone has demonstrated a dedication to sustainability and repairability with the Fairphone 5, setting a new standard for eco-friendly smartphone design. Customers can now enjoy a device that not only prioritizes longevity and repairability but also delivers on performance and functionality.

For more information on the Fairphone 5’s perfect repairability rating and to see the teardown by iFixit, visit their website.