Unlock the Secrets of Fairphone 5’s Perfect Repairability Score from iFixit!

Fairphone 5 Receives Perfect Repairability Score from iFixit

The Fairphone 5, the latest smartphone from Fairphone, has received a perfect repairability score from iFixit, a company that creates repair guides for products and champions right-to-repair laws. Despite splitting the phone’s main board into two parts, the Fairphone 5 still earned a perfect repairability score, which is unheard of for any phone made by a company other than Fairphone.

One of the new improvements to the Fairphone design is the individually-replaceable cameras. Each camera lens in the sensor can now be replaced individually, making it easier and more cost-effective for users to repair their cameras. This is a significant upgrade from previous models, where the entire system needed to be replaced if a camera sensor broke.

The main board of the Fairphone 5 has also been split into a motherboard and a daughter board, a setup that is becoming more common in recent flagship smartphones. This layout allows for larger batteries to be fitted into the device, contributing to better battery life and overall performance.

Despite the split-board layout, the Fairphone 5’s repairability has not been hindered. iFixit found that new warning labels inside the Fairphone are not intended to prevent users from disassembling their devices, but rather to prevent them from accidentally damaging their devices while repairing them.

However, the main obstacle to the Fairphone 5’s repairability is the fingerprint sensor, as it is not sold as a replacement part. While the Fairphone 5 has received a perfect repairability score, it may be challenging for users to source replacement parts for the fingerprint sensor.

Overall, the Fairphone 5 has proven to be a standout in terms of repairability, with a 10/10 score from iFixit. This makes it an ideal choice for right-to-repair enthusiasts. Unfortunately, the Fairphone 5 is not available in the US at this time.