Discover the game-changing features of Facebook’s new “Link History” for mobile users (Messenger chats excluded)

Facebook has just introduced a new feature called Link History on its mobile app. This feature will allow users to keep track of the links they have clicked and viewed within the Facebook in-app browser for up to 30 days. The company, Meta, states that this feature is currently being rolled out globally, but may not be available in all locations at the moment.

According to the Meta Help Center, users will have the option to turn this Link History feature on or off. If turned on, Meta will be able to use this data to improve targeted ads for its users. However, lawmakers are becoming stricter with tech regulations, making it challenging for companies like Meta to continue their data collection practices.

Despite concerns about privacy, Facebook is encouraging users to consent to the new tracking method, stating that it will help improve their ad experience across Meta technologies. However, the company reassures users that links visited in Messenger chats will not be saved to the Link History.

For those who are interested in managing their Link History, Meta provides simple steps to either turn the feature on or off within the Facebook app’s Mobile Browser settings. It is emphasized that if users choose to turn off Link History, Meta will immediately clear their link history and stop using it to improve ads across its platforms.

As technology companies continue to navigate through privacy concerns and government regulations, it remains to be seen how Meta’s new feature will be received by its global user base. However, for now, users have the choice to manage their Link History settings according to their preference.